July 1-4, 13-15
Namesti Repubilky (Republic
Square) and one of Prague's many
different trams.
Building overlooking Republic
The Powder Gate built in 1475 more for
appearance than defence. It was modeled
after the Old Town Bridge Gate.
Staromestske Namesti (Old Town
Square) dominated by a
temporary concert venue.
The Number 1 site in Prague is the
Town Hall Clock (1490) which was
perfected between 1552-1572.
Roman looking painting on the
side of a building near the Town
Hall on Karlova Street.
Narrow Karlova Street leading to
Charles Bridge. The red car is
one a local tour company.
The Hotel I stayed at in Prague was
the Hotel Meteor (Best Western) -
the pink looking building.
Narrow tourist shop street leading
to the Charles Bridge. A marionette
theatre sign hangs over it.
The Old Town Bridge Tower (late
14th Century) was an integral part of
Medieval Prague's defenses.
Building that look to be built out
over the river near the Charles
Bridge (Old Town side).
The Vltava River and a weir
designed to protect the Charles
Center is the Little Quarter Bridge
Tower, to the left is the Judith Bridge
Tower (1158) from an earlier bridge.
Bridge Street leading from the
Charles Bridge up to the Church
St. Nicholas.
Clever (modern) door on a shop
on Bridge Street.
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dÁzur - Prague 2011
The First Courtyard of Prague
Castle, largest castle in the World.
It was remade in 1541 after a fire.
Copies of the original statues of
warring titans (18th Century) by
Ignaz Platzer..
Panorama of the Second
Courtyard of Prague Castle.
The Rose window (1925) of St. Vitus
Cathedral and the West Portal. The
Cathedral was begun in 1344 AD.
The vaulted Chancel of St. Vitus.
It dates from 1372. Large crowd as
their was a service at the time.
The newest part of the
Cathedral, the West Portal and
Rose Window (1925).
The Chancel of St. Vitus
Flight of Frederick of the
Palatinate carved in wood shows
17th Century Prague in detail.
Tomb of St John Nepomuk crafted
from solid silver in 1736.
The Renaissance Tower and
Golden Portal of St. Vitus. Once
the main entrance.
Charles Bridge and the Old Town
Bridge Tower from the heights of
Castle Prague.
Facade and towers of St. George's
Basilica a Romanesque Church
dating from 915 rebuilt in 1142.
Chancel and buttresses of St.
Vitus Cathedral from outside.
Interior of St. George's Basilica.
The interior has been restored to
the original austere appearance.
Alter of St. George's Basilica.
Big Empty Square
Vaguely French ?
The Main Square of Praha
Astronomical Clock
Roman Art
Red Car
My Hotel
Don Giovanni with puppets
The Tower
Kampa Island
Billy Bart setting up his wares.
Bridge Street
Now that is a door
Entrance to the Castle
Fighting Titans
Second Courtyard
The Big Cathedral
The Cathedral
West Portal
Battle of the White Mountain 1620
A lot of Silver
The Golden Portal
Karlovy Most
Red Exterior
St Vitus Cathedral
St. Ludmilla
Glass Maker
Golden Lane
Sir Gawky
It's What ?
Former Alchemist Tower
A glassmaker at work in a shop on
the Golden Lane.
Small shops on Prague Castle's
Golden Lane. Originally the
homes of guards of the Castle.
Faux Medieval suits of armour in
the battlements of the White
The bizarre grotesquery in the
Wallenstein Palace Gardens.
The Powder Tower of Prague
Castle is now a mundane museum
of the Prague Castle Guards.
Local Tradition
Mala Strana
St Nicholas
The Prague Castle Picture
Gallery resides in a former stable
(1600s). This is the North Hall.
Every tourist destination needs a
local pastry to sell to visitors. Trdelnik
is actually Slovakian in origin.
St Wenceslas vineyard on the
slopes of the Castle hill overlooking
the Vltava River.
Little Quarter Square with the
Church of St. Nicholas (1703) in
the background.
Apostles with swords adorn the
facade of the Church of St.
Tour Boat
Panorama of the interior of the
Church of St. Nicholas. Ornate
decoration from the 1760s.
The Church of St. Nicholas from
the 2nd level. The organ was
played by Mozart in 1787.
The Czech Boat a tour boat in
the channel leading to the
Vltava River locks.
The small lock that lifts boats over
the weir upriver of the Charles
Looking upriver on the Vtlava
River from the Legil Bridge.
Site of Protests
Where's the sun
The Czech National Theatre
completed in 1883. It was gutted
by a fire during construction.
Wenceslas Square and the
National Museum and St
Wenceslas statue in the distance.
The Vltava River bridges as seen
from Letna Park above Prague.
The Vltava bridge from the
highest point of Letna park.
Hanavsky Pavilon atop Letna Hill.
A popular park it was completely
empty on this rainy day.
Charles Bridge
Boring Castle
Older than the other New Synagogue
Dodgy Dealers
A memorial to Czechs killed
during WWII.
Karlova Most (Charles Bridge)
from the next bridge downriver
from it.
Castle Prague was rebuilt in
Renaissance Style after a fire in 1541
giving it a fairly mundane appearance.
The Old-New Synagogue in the
Jewish Quarter. Built in 1270 AD it
is the oldest synagogue in Europe.
Souvenir vendor huts along the
Old Jewish Cemetery Wall.
Funeral Parlor
Contains 100,000 bodies.
Ahhh Golem !
Looks like Paris
Wet Day
Jan Hus
Confusing Landmark
Jerusalem Synagogue
Looks like the TTC
The Army Museum
Run down
Memorial, Arsenal and Mausoleum.
Jake's Finger
Nation Building
Aiding Evil
Old Town Square
What Time is it
Peter Parler's Bridge
Narrow Pass
Famous TownHouses
Hard to enter Church
A lot of tourists
Ho Hum
At the Stone Madonna
Not very talented
Bought a Golem
Ceremonial Hall for the Old
Jewish Cemetery. Where the
grave keepers dwelt.
The Old Jewish Cematery was
used from 1478 to 1787. There
are 12,000 gravestones.
The Restaurant U Golema. Rabbi
Low's creation is said to be hidden in
the rafters of the Old-New Synagogue.
With the razing of the ghetto slums in
the 1890s much of the Jewish Quarter's
historic buildings were replaced.
The Church of Our Lady before
Tyn (1365) and Old Town Square
on a rainy Sunday.
The Jan Hus Monument in Old
Town Square. Unveiled in 1915
a full 500 years after his death.
Jindrisska Tower the tallest (68
metres) belfry in Prague built in
Jubilee Synagogue built in 1906 was
named after the silver jubilee of Emperor
Franz Joseph. Located on Jerusalem street.
Modern looking Trams pass on
Jindrisska street.
The plain facade of the Armadni
Muzeum. Essentially an Army
Clowning around with a Soviet
WWII era T-34 tank waiting for
the Museum to open.
Soviet WWII era T-34 tank in
front of the Army Museum.
Zizkov Monument atop Zizkov hill
with its enormous equestrian statue of
Jan Zizka built between the Wars.
The Zizkov Television Tower (1985) voted
the second ugliest tower in the world. The
baby statues were added in 2000.
Elevated rail lines leading into the
main Prague rail station - Praha
hlavni nadrazi.
The WWI Gallery in the Army
Museum. Not a lot of equipment
but a lot of information.
The first plotted idea of the
borders of future Czechoslovakia
by TJ Masaryk in Geneva 1915.
Documents signed by Hitler giving
him control over the enormous
Military ordinance of Czechoslovakia.
Old Town Square on a clear day.
The Old Town Hall on the left.
Huge crowds of tourists.
An enormous crowd of tourists waits
for the Old Town Hall Clock to strike
12 noon.
Crowds crossing the street to
Karlova Bridge (Charles Bridge)
passing under the tower.
Narrow shops and houses on
Karlova Street.
Painful cobbles of Old Town.
They are tilted up at odd angles
and I kept tripping over them.
At the Golden Unicorn, Poor
Wretch's, Stone Table, Stone Ram
and Storch House (left to right).
The Church of Our Lady before
Tyn just behind Old Town
Square. Tycho is buried here.
The Church of St. Nicholas
(1735) and the Jan Hus memorial.
Where did all the tourists come
from? A lot more people in
Prague on this weekend.
Close up of the Storch House
and At the Stone Ram. The rider
is St. Wenceslas.
Faux Medieval jugglers and
musicians entertaining the large
The Maisel Synagogue rebuilt at
the start of the 20th Century.
Original a private place of worship
for mayor Mordecai Maisel.