Pedestrian Rua das Padeiras
decked out for the Rainha Santa
Monastery of Santa Cruz
(1132-1223) but completely
rebuilt in 1530.
Monastery of Santa Cruz and
Paca 8 de Maio square.
Old Cathedral of Coimbra (Se
Velha de Coimbra). Built 1139
after defeating Moors.
Romanesque Altar in the Old
Cathedral of Coimbra.
Coimbra University (700 years
old), Grand Hall and Clock
Statue of King John III who
permanently established the
University in Coimbra in 1537.
The 17th Century Iron Gate at
Coimbra University.
Old Cathedral of Coimbra from
the back.
Renaissance Porta Especiosa on
the North Facade of the Old
Cathedral (1530).
July 7th, 2012
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Rua das Padeiras
Monastery of Santa Cruz
Paca 8 de Maio Square
Se Velha de Coimbra
Coimbra U.
King John
Iron Gate
Old Cathedral
Porta Especiosa
The Backbreaker
Not so tough
Moorish Gate
Outdoor Mall
Market Square
Rua Quebra Costas (19th
Century) steps leading up to the
Another section of the Rua
Quebra Costas also known as the
"back breaker".
Rua Ilha backstreet in Old Town.
Arco de Almedina Moorish Gate
to the Old Town.
Rua Ferreira Borges the main
pedestrian only shopping area in
the Old town.
Cafe Santa Cruz
Interesting tall building in the
alleys near Rua des Padeiras.
Town Square
Market Square
Old Church
African Woodcarver
Ominous Clouds
Church becomes bar
Praca de Comerico
Praca de Comerico
St Tiago Church, Romanesque
construction built in the reign of
King Sancho I (12th century).
Entrance to St Tiago Church.
Woodcarvers in the square.
Praca de Comerico.
Rua de Corpo de Deus enters Rua
Visconde da Luz.
Cafe Santa Cruz Coffee House in
the Praca 8 de Maio.
Pedestrian street
Fountain meeting place in the
Praco 8 de Maio Square.
Shops in Praco 8 de Maio
When did they paint it pink?