July 4th - 6th, 2012
Manuel Bivar garden beside the
marina in Faro.  Taken from the
roof of my Hotel.
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The tiled streets of downtown
There are several azulejos
depicting historical events
outside of the Medieval Walls.
This one appears to show Alfonso
III retaking Faro in 1249.
The old town of Faro is
surrounded by a Medieval wall.
The small coastal train (2 cars)
trundling between Tavira and
Jazz park
Quiet streets
History lesson
Rickety rails
Red Flowers
Messy streets
Alfonso III
Stork nest
Busy Airport
The Town Square
Medieval streets
Stork station
Atlantic Ocean
Desert Island
Coastal Hills
Typical breakfast
Train Station
Typical white buildings with
yellow trim in the old town of
Orange trees seem a strange tree
for boulevards in the Largo de Se
(main square).
The Cathedral of Faro (Se de
Faro) built in the 13th Century.
Alfonso III statue outside the
Municipal Museum.
Roman tile in the Municipal
The courtyard of the Municipal
museum. The building is a former
Interesting azulejos on the wall of
a restaurant in the old town of
Storks roosting on the roof of the
City Hall. Most tall buildings have
the metal hoops on them to give
storks a place to nest.
The view across the water to the
airport. The only one in the
Algarve so there is constant
The Largo de Se and the marina
in the background.
Azulejos on the walls of the
interior of the Cathedral of Faro.
Bairro Alto Bar just outside the
gates to the Old Town.
Outdoor pedestrian mall across
the street from my Hotel.
Odd looking green balconies on
a hotel overlooking the marina.
I think your boat has sunk.  A boat
in distress in the marina.
They put up nesting spots for the
storks and they still decide to nest
on top of light poles.
Tropical trees at the Marina.
I took a boat ride out to the
offshore Ilha Desrta a sandbar off
the coast in the Atlantic Ocean.
Ilha Deserta a popular beach off
the coast from Faro. The
restaurant only uses solar power.
The coastline to the east of Faro
from out in the Atlantic.
The Medieval walls of Faro.
Breakfast at the rooftop bar in the
morning at my hotel. Scrambled
eggs, bacon and Portuguese tart.
Faro Train station with the
roofless waiting area with a tree
growing in it.