July 6th, 2012
The Rio Bensafrim. On the right
bank is the promenade and on
the left is the marina.
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The River
City Walls
Little Fort
Dolphin watching
The beach
Private beach
Falling Rocks
Narrow Bridge
Clear waters
The Med
Blue Waters
Narrow cut
No Climbing
Old Town
Big and boring
Shady Square
That's ugly
Town Square
Colonial style
Boat trip and Dolphin Safari touts
located along the promenade.
A replica of the 15th Century
Caravel Boa Esperanca. An
example of the type of ship the
Portuguese used to sail to India.
16th Century walls surround the
town of Lagos and they are intact
over a good stretch.
Ponta da Bandeira Fort built in
1680. Built is the era of artillery it
has low, thick, angled walls. The
corner guard posts are later,
tourist additions.
The tourist day boat Bom Dia.
Likely bringing tourists back from
a 2 hour tour of the cliffs.
The beach right at the base of
the breakwater to the Rio
The sandstone cliffs at Lagos are
cut with lots of small beaches
between the headlands.
Passage cut through between
I could not walk out on this bridge
to an outcrop.  It appeared to be
part of a private building.
People paddling out to see the
caves along the coast.
The alternating sandstone rock
formations make them very likely
to collapse and creates some
interesting features like these
To the south of Lagos the
sandstone cliffs are eroded to
create a number of caves and
Looking southwest to the
sandstone caves.
A big, fairly quite beach at the
base of the cliffs.  Narrow steps
lead down to the beaches.
The concrete steps leading down
to a small cut in the cliffs
creating a small beach.
People swimming in a little rocky
The view from a square at the
southwest edge of the town.
The clear layers of sediment can
be seen in the cliffs.
Dona Ana Beach.
Near the historic heart of the town
of Lagos.
One of the tourist features noted
in guidebooks are the mosaic
tiles in the streets of fish.  I was
under whelmed.
Igreja de Santo Maria, built in
the 16th century and still
retaining its Renaissance
Igreja de Santo Antonio (or
Church of St. Anthony). Build in
the late 18th century.
Touristy streets of Lagos, bars,
restaurants and clothing stores.
A small square surrounded by
restaurants.  The streets of much
of the historic part of town are
pedestrian only tiled streets.
That is an ugly colour of green
azulejos on the building.
Reis Restaurante where I had
lunch.  It took my some time to
find a place to eat.
The cross in this square is marked
1914-1918. I assume a WWI
memorial to soldiers in Angola.
A big, old colonial looking
building on the main square.