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With 2012 coming around I was not sure where in Europe to go for vacation. I
was thinking back to Italy but I decided to go back to the Iberian peninsula
instead and visit Portugal.

This trip was one that I really did not prepare for. I had the guidebooks but I
did little more than flip through them before my flight. So I discovered things
as I went along and had no real plan. I sort of followed one of the itineraries in
the Lonely Planet guide. The upside is I really do not know what I missed but I
think next time a little more preparation would be best.

On this trip I blogged my progress on a site on Wordpress for the first time
and it worked reasonably well. I only took a tablet and a cellphone so I needed
something which worked well with both and the wordpress app was the answer.

My first stop was Lisbon, and I spent a lot of time there, more than a third of
the trip. Lisbon had the most sites and things to do on the trip so it worked
our well. I have separated Belem (technically part of Lisbon) into a separate
gallery, I did a day trip to Belem. Next I went by bus to Evora since I could not
figure out if the train service to Evora worked. There was a train station in
Evora but the guidebooks and websites seemed to indicate that it was closed.
Two days in Evora might have been one more than was needed but I found
things to do.  I regret that I did not find a way to visit one of the megalith
sights near Evora. Then by bus to Faro in the Algarve. There was not much to
do in Faro but it made a good central point to explore the Algarve by train. I
did a day trip to Tavira and another to wonderful Lagos. After Faro it was first
class on the train north to Coimbra. I did only a half day in gloomy Coimbra
before getting on the train again and going to Porto. In Porto I found plenty to
do and see and some of the best photos of the entire trip. From Porto I took
the train back to Lisbon for a half day and then on the last day did a daytrip to
see the sights in Sintra.

To the right are entry pages for the Photo Galleries divided up by location. All
of the photos this time were taken with a new camera - a Canon Powershot
S100. Better than a standard point and click but not as good (or as heavy) as
my Nikon DSLR.
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