The central Praca de Republica
square in downtown Tavira.
Decorated Tavira waterfront
park near the Praca de
It looks like the decorations are
for a religious festival of some
The Ponte Romana (Roman bridge)
thought to date from before Roman times.
Reconstructed in the 17th Century.
The Convento do Carmo church
in Tavira.
Inside the Convento do Carmo
The 17th Century Igreja de
Santiago church built on what
was once the location of the town
The Castelo ruins of Tavira date
from the 17th century but are
built on top of 8th century
Phoenician and later Moorish
Inside the Castelo ruins is a
The view down the Rio Gilao to
the Atlantic Ocean.
Some tourists having some
difficulty with the steep stairs and
no handrails.
July 5th, 2012
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Republic Square
Relgious festival
Park gate
Not Roman ?
Off the beaten track
Chuch interior
Santiago Church
Old Castle walls
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