The view from my window in the
Hotel Notre Dame. The battlement
on the right is the Musee de Cluny.
Notre Dame (Church of Our Lady)
on Ile de Cite.
Fontaine Saint-Michel (St. Michael
Fountain), constructed by Gabriel
Davioud in 1855-60.
Sunlight streams down on the
lunchtime crowd going to booksellers
in Place St. Michel.
Traditional bookseller kiosks along
the wall of the Seine.
View of the Dome of the Pantheon
from my Hotel window.
The Pantheon Dome at night from
my Hotel window.
Corner of Rue St-Jacques and St.
Germain on Sunday morning. Classic
Haussmann architecture.
Statues of Saints stare down on
tourists at Notre dame.
Rose window inside Notre dame.
Dimly lit Notre Dame.
Sunday morning service in progress
in Notre Dame.
The 130m long main aisle in Notre
St Germain-Láuxerrois church. Site of
a Huguenot massacre in 1572.

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel built in
1806 to commemorate Napoleon's
victories in the previous year.
The Egyptian obelisk in Place
Plaque in the pavement of Place
Concorde where the guillotine was
erected during the French Revolution.
Spring turns to fall in the leaves
along one of the boulevards on
either side of the Champ Elysees.
From atop the Arch de Triomphe
looking down the Champs Elysees at
the Louvre.
The Eiffel tower as viewed from
atop the Arch de Triomphe.
September 11,12,23 2010
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Basilica of the Sacred Heart standing
on the highest point of the Montmartre
seen from the Arch de Triomphe.
The business center of Paris and
the Defence Building.
The Arch de Triomphe.
Looking up at the Eiffel tower from
directly below. Covered in tarps I
assume for restoration.
Roller hockey game in front of the
Wandering through the Jardin des
Plantes early in the morning.
The historic Musee d'Histoire
Naturelle (1793) fist floor exhibits.
Whale skeletons on the first floor of
the Musee d'Histoire Naturelle.
Triceratops skull on the second
(pre-historic) floor of the Musee
d'Histoire Naturelle.
The dinosaur gallery on the second
The Batobus arriving to pick me up
for a tour of the Seine.
Travelling under bridges over the
Seine on the boat tour.
The Conciergerie, part of the old
palace later used to hold famous
The former Gare d'Orsay, now a
museum was built in 1898.
The National Assembly of France.
The Eiffel Tower as viewed from the
River Seine.
The subway zips over Pont de Bir
Hakeim bridge.
The latest thing is to place a padlock
on a bridge in Paris inscribed with
Lover's names. Arts Footbridge.
Institute of France as viewed from
the Arts Footbridge. The institute was
created in 1795
Ille de Cite and Pont Neuf from the
Arts Footbridge.
Trouble brewing. The Place St.
Michel is empty of people as the
police prepare for the General Strike.
The orange placards of socialized
labour marching up Boulevard St.
View from the Hotel
Notre Dame
Place St. Michel
Fave spot in Paris
Used Books
View from here
Night glow
Look at the shirt on that tourist
Rose Window
Classic Lighting
Sunday Service
Main aisle
Church Tower
Triumphal Arch
One of 3
French Revolution
Changing seasons
Champs Elysees
Eiffel Tower
Sacred Heart
Dumb Arch
Finally went up
Eiffel Tower
He shoots, he scores!
Walk in the park
Creatures of the deep
Boat Tour
Musee d'Orsay
Eiffel Tower
Someone still at work
Silly idea
Arts Footbridge
Ille de Cite
French General Strike
Labour unrest
Empty Streets
Even Dumber
Oh that's a good idea
Empty Rue St. Jacques closed to
vehicle traffic for the General
Strike march.
On a bridge behind Notre Dame people
have tied ribbons with names on them
to the structure.
Dumb Strike marchers set off flares
in a crowded street.
Street walking
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Completely empty Boulevard
d'Hopital closed to traffic.
Beneath the elevated railway
(subway) on Boulevard d'Hopital.
The L
Inner courtyard of the Louvre.