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On the boat to Drottningholm
passing under the bridge to
Travelling on Lake Malaren I pass
by Lilla Essingen island.
A sailboat heels over hard to
avoid our tour boat.
A small island in Lake Malaren.
The freighter Ostanvik heads for
the Baltic.
The boathouse of Drottningholm
(Queen's islet) and to the far
right the Palace.
Drottningholm Palace residence
of the Swedish Royal Family.
Construction began in 1662.
The steam-powered ferry
Enkoping shortly after I
No photos were allowed on the
tour of the Palace. I could only
take this shot of a hallway.
The Royal Palace theatre
(Slottsteater) built in 1766 at the
request of Queen Louisa Ulrika.  
The Royal Palace from the back.
Note the Hogvakten Royal Guard.
Rows of trees that mark the edge
between the English gardens and
the French gardens.
The Palace and the Hercules statue.
 Hercules is wailing away on the
Hydra with a big club.
The Guard's Tent was built in
1781 to serve as quarters for the
dragoons of Gustav III.
The Chinese pavilion was built
in secret by King Adolf Frederik
as a surprise present for his wife
Louisa Ulrika in 1753.
A dog walk island with gated
entrances in the Drottningholm
A shady path in the English
Gardens of the Drottningholm
A picnic area near Swan
House Island.
This speedboat is anchored at
the base of what looks like a cliff
diving spot.  
Drottningholm Royal Palaces built in
the French style for a German Queen.
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