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A room a the Admiral Hotel a
converted 15th century waterfront
The Admiral Hotel
Fishing boats in Nyhaven
The Gedser Rev Lightship in
Nyhaven harbour.
Royal Theater (1872-1874) on
Kongens Nytorv square
Naval hero Niels Iuel who on
May 31, 1677 defeated a
Swedish naval force
Nyhaven Harbour
Nyhaven harbour and the tour boat
I took around the harbour.
The Opera Hall opened in
Torpedo Boat P547 Sehested.  
Launched 1978 and decommissioned
Danish Naval Submarine Seal
hiding behind an Icebreaker at the
Royal Danish Naval Yards
Royal Danish Naval Grounds, the
Danish flag here is the official first
flag of Denmark.
The Little Mermaid Statue.  
Completed in 1913 by Edward
The white buildings are the
shelters for the Royal family while
they wait to board their yacht
Amalienborg straight through
the square to the Marble Church
Von Frelsers Kirke on
Christianshavn. Built from 1682 to
1696. The staircase has 400 steps.
Swans in Christianshavn Canal
Black Diamond Building home to a
Danish Royal Library
Warehouse along the Inner
Elaborate bridge over
Fredericksholm Canal
Old Stock Exchange (Borsen),
built by Christian IV from 1619 to
Large warehouse turned into a
Exhibition Hall
Number 67 Nyhaven, HC
Andersen lived here for 20 years
The octagonal Amalienborg square
commissioned by Frederik V in
Christian IIIV's or Levetzau Palace.  
It is home to Crown Prince Frederik
and his brother Prince Joachim.
The Frederik V statue in front of
the Christian IX Palace
The Marble Church
Inside the Marble Church,
essentially one big dome.
Changing of the Guard in
Amalienborg Square
On Guard in Amalienborg
St. Albans Church (Anglican)
built 1885-1887 in the English
neo-gothic style.
Gefion Fountain, symbolizing
the origin of the island of
Zealand (1908)
Citadel of Frederikshavn begun
in 1662 by Frederik III
A view of the harbour including
Trekronar fortress
The Little Mermaid Statue
Trekroner Castle in the mouth of
the harbour
Northern Gate to the Citadel
The moat around the citadel
The windmill on the Citadel grounds
was built in 1687 to bake bread for the
Shaky looking brass canon on the
battlements of the Citadel
Nyhaven Harbour
Admiral Hotel Room
Admiral Hotel
Nyhaven Harbour
Gedser Rev
Opera House
Niels Iuel
Nyhaven Harbour
New Opera House
Mothballed Ship
Gulf War Veteran
Danish Flag
Tourist Crowds
Copenhagen Harbour
Spiral Stairs
Canal Tour
Black Diamond
Low Bridge
Hans Christian Andersen
Amalienborg Square
Levetzau Palace
Frederik V
Marble Church
Marble Church
Changing the Guard
Changing the Guard
St. Albans
Gefion Fountain
Trekronar Castle
Little Mermaid
Trekroner Castle
Citadel moat
Covered Walk
Tivoli Gardens
Town Hall
Palace Hotel
Bronze statues
Stoget Pedestrian Walk
Stork Fountain
Nicolaj Church
Rosenborg Castle
King's Garden
Nyhaven Harbour
Jazz Festival
Barracks dating from the early
Covered passage in
Slotsholmen reminiscent of
Entrance to Tivoli immediately
opposite the Train Station
The Town Hall building.  The gold
statue at center is an image of
Bishop Absalon
4-star Palace Hotel which is
being renovated to go up to a
5-star Hotel
Two lur players in bronze set on
a tall column.  A lur is a sacred
instrument from the Bronze Age
Fast food places along Stoget
The Stork fountain in Amagertorv
built in 1894
Nicolaj Church which is a
reconstruction of a much older
church built in 1910
A crowd forms around a street
performer in Amagertorv
Rosenborg Castle was originally
built as a country summerhouse
in 1606
The King's Garden around
Rosenborg Castle
Nyhaven Harbour
The tent housed a local Jazz band.  
I was in Copenhagen right at the
start of the Week long Jazz Festival
Bikes parked at the Subway station
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