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The Norstrom (North Channel)
and Stromsborg Island. In the
background is the City Hall.
One of the oldest buildings in Stockholm (parts
date from the 13th Century), Riddarholmen
Church burial place of Swedish monarchs.
Gamla Stan (Old Town) streets
and Storkrykan Church. Old
town is located on an Island.
The area south of Gamla Stan
across the river.
A pedestrian only street in the
heart of Gamla Stan.
The Stock Exchange building
was built from 1773-1776
replacing the Town Hall.
The 18th Century Royal Palace.
Consisting of 690 rooms it is still
home to the Royal Family.
The Royal Palace is guarded by the
Hogvakten a unit of the Armed Forces
that date back to the 16th Century.
A humorous statue of Hans
Alfredsson sticking his head out
of the sewer.
Djurgarden Ferry from
Nybroviken inlet to Djurgarden
The fortress-like Radisson Hotel and
some of the Ferry boats to the
1000's of islands around Stockholm.
The Vasa museum which holds the
recovered wreck of the warship
Vasa. It was completed in 1987.
SS Sankt Erik - a steam powered
Baltic icebreaker launched in 1915.
Sweden's first icebreaker.
The 64 gun warship Vasa which
sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628
and was raised in 1961.
The carved stern of the Vasa. It
is covered with carvings as befits
the flagship of the Swedish fleet.
A 20 foot long model of the
Vasa with the remains of the
Vasa in the background.
The Vasa is held in a dimly lit
museum to protect it. This is
perhaps the best photo I managed.
Me in front of the bow of the
The port side of the Vasa with a
view of some of the re-created
The bow of the Vasa. Where the
wood is light coloured is the
replacement wood.
Stradvagen boulevard
apartments.  Designed to look
like Paris.
A galley in the Museum of
Historical Antiquities designed
to look like a Church.
A carved stone depicting Odin
coming to take fallen heroes to
Valhalla atop his horse Sleipnir.
Artillery pieces on display in the
Armemuseum. The building was
constructed as an arsenal in 1867.
The Swedish Carriage Museum
holding carriages mostly from
the 19th Century.
The Djurgården line a restored
heritage tramway called line
number 7.
One of the famously narrow
streets in Gamla Stan.
The Blue Hall in City Hall. It is the
location of the annual Nobel Prize
The Council Chamber of Stockholm City
Hall. The ceiling is designed to appear to
be an overturned Viking longboat.
The Queen of the Lake Mälaren
mosaic in the Golden Hall of
Stockholm city hall.
One of the mosaic murals in the
Gold Hall of Stockholm City Hall.
A statue of Swedish
Revolutionary Engelbrekt
Engelbrektsson (1390s - 1436).
The cenotaph of Birger Jarl, the founder
of Stockholm. There were plans to bring
his remains here but they were dropped.
Gamla Stan and the Palace in the
background, parliament in the middle
and Stromsborg in the foreground.
Swedish Parliament the
The Globe Arena, a 110m
hemispherical building completed in
1989. It seats only 13,850 for hcckey.
Lake Malaren and Langholmen
The Courtyard of Stockholm City
A recreated 1890's millwrights factory
in the Skansen Open Air Museum. A
recreated 1800s rural village.
Historical buildings from all over
Sweden were brought to Skansen
to recreate 1800's Rural Life.
Stockholm Town Hall looking over Norstrom Channel.
A common Rune Stone from
Sodermanland. This one is a
memorial to someone named Torfast.
The Alvros Farmstead brought to
A traditional rural windmill
brought to Skansen.
The metal Hallestad belfry.  It was
donated after a church burned
down leaving only this belfry.
A small, farmers cottage in
complete working condition in
A seal in its habitat in the wildlife
preserve in the Skansen outdoor
A country lane in Skansen with
wooden and stone fences.
A traditional Hunter's shelter from
rural Sweden.
A Laplander hut with a Sami
Hut on stilts sitting behind it.
A flax mill that was brought to
Skansens Bergbana, a funicular
railway on the northwest side of
the Skansen hill.
The Town Hall from the island
of Riddarholmen right in front
of Birger Jarls Torn.
The statue of Birger Jarl
(1210-1266) and on the left
Wrangel Palace (1802).
The Swedish House of Lords, no longer
a governing body it is an Institute that
acts as an interest group for the nobility.
Slottsbacken with Stockholm Cathedral in
the background and the Royal Palace on
the right.. King Gustav III's obelisk.
Riddarsholms Kyrkan
Gamla Stan
South Shore
Gamla Stan
Stock Exchange
Palace Panorama
Steam Ferry
Vasa Upper decks
Vasa Stern
Model Vasa
Vasa bow.
Paris of the North
Gothic Church
Many-legged horse
Swedish Army Museum
Where is the door?
Tram 7
Narrow Street
Not so Blue Hall
Viking Longboat
Gold Hall
Gold Hall
Revolutionary Hero
Big Jarl
Atop City Hall tower
Atop City Hall Tower
The big Golf Ball
Atop City Hall Tower
City Hall
Factory Life
Transplanted Buildings
Church Remains
Creature from the Blank Lagoon
Country Lane
Hunter's Lean-to
Baba Yaga's Hut
Secret of the Old Mill
Funicular Car
Town Hall
Wrangel Palace
King Gustav's Obelisk
St. George and the dragon.
Canon ball
Narrow street
Swedish Parliament
A bronze statue of St. George
and the Dragon inspired by a
statue in a nearby Church.
Medieval homes lining the side
of Stortorget Square in Gamla
A cannon ball in the corner of the
building is, according to legend, dating
back to the Stockholm Bloodbath in
1921 when it was fired at the Danish
king Christian Tyrant.
Marten Trotzigs Grand street off of the
main street (Vasterlanggatan) is
Stockholm's narrowest street.  It is less
then 1 metre in width in some places.
Swedish Parliament Building.
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