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Some of the more interesting
buildings of Tallinn's Old town
(St. Olav's Church and the Walls).
Paks Margareeta (Fat Margaret
Bastion) is part of the 14th Century
Lower Town Walls.
Great Coast Gate the Medieval
entrance to Tallinn.
A restored tower in the Lower
Town Walls.
The Medieval town walls built
in the 14th Century.
Stone Walls on the edge of the
limestone cliffs of Toompea
(Cathedral Hill).
A square tower in the Lower Town
A restored section of the Town
Walls where the parapet has been
The ruins of Viru Gate leading
to Old Town.
The tower of Oleviste Church (St. Olav)
was the tallest building in the world
from 1549 to 1625 (159m).
The interior of St. Olav's Church
dedicated to King Olaf II of Norway.
The narrow viewing platform at
the base of the steeple of St.
Olav's Church.
The distant ferry harbour to
Tallinn and Fat Margaret Bastion
in the foreground.
Tallinn rooftops as seen from the
top of St. Olav's Church.
A closer view of Toompea
(Cathedral Hill) at one time a
separate walled town.
The tower of St. Olav's Church was
struck by lightning 8 times burning
the church down several times.
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built
during Russian occupation from
1894 to 1900.
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was
marked for demolition in 1924 while
Estonia was independent.
Raekoja Plats (Town Square) and
Old Town Hall of Tallinn.
The only preserved Gothic style town
hall in Northern Europe - a building
was on this site since the 12th Century.
The weather-vane was placed
atop Town hall in 1530 and is
known as Old Thomas.
The wooden attic of the Town
The Council Hall in the Town
Toompea Castle the home of
Estonia's parliament and
traditional seat of power.
The Town Square from the
second floor of the Town Hall.
The Raeapteek (Town Council
Pharmacy).  There has been a
pharmacy here since 1422.
Town Hall Square.
Town Hall Square.  The building
in the center houses the Fellini
Restaurant where I had Dinner.
Restaurants along a side street
near the Town Hall Square.
A Museum of Torture
A building called the
Peppersack in a group of 14th
Century buildings.
The Town Hall Tower from the
A woman in Medieval dress
selling sugar coated nuts.
The "Olde Hansa" restaurant.  With
authentic Medieval fare and
waitresses in period dress. Quite pricey.
The Gateway from Lower Town
to Toompea.
A Medieval building with an old
wooden clock (inset) telling the
correct time.
Souvenir shop selling the
Amber jewelry that was for sale
Archway leading to a rampart in
Toompea.  From a distance it
looked like it said "Werewolves".
Buildings in the Lower Town.
The "Hell Hunt" one of the first
pubs to spring up in Tallinn.
Great Coast Gate
St. Olaf's Church
Lonely Tower
Toompea Gate
Town Hall Square
Town Hall Square
Russian Church
Town Walls
Old Town
Pikk Jalg (Long Leg)
Wooden Clock
Hell Hunt Pub
Stone Tower
Viru Gate
Olde Hansa
Market Seller
Torture Museum
Old Thomas
Town Hall Square
Council Hall
Town Hall
Town Hall Square
St. Olaf's
Tallinn Panorama
The Climb
Fat Margaret
The Town Hall Square of Tallinn
I was in Tallinn, Estonia on a day trip only.  From about Noon to 5:00 PM on Monday July 9.  There was a light rain on and off the entire time and one brief 10 minute downpour during which I was trapped under
an overhang with two middle-aged British couples.  It rained so hard the street we were on turned into a 2 inch deep raging river.  Gives me more appreciation for Medieval street construction as all of the water
quickly disappeared.
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