July 2007
On this page are images from my July 2007 Trip to through parts of

I landed in Copenhagen and proceeded to take a train to Stockholm,
Sweden.  I had thought about taking the 16 hour ferry ride to Helsinki but
opted for the 55 minute plane trip instead.  From Helsinki I took the ferry
for a day in Tallinn, Estonia and the train to Turku.  Then I retraced my
steps back to Copenhagen.  From Copenhagen I took a train for the day to

I was hobbled on this trip by a swollen ankle so I did not manage to take
advantage of the long hours of daylight (most of my stops were above 60
degrees north).  After 4-5 hours of walking each day I was usually done in.

Weather was cool (26 degrees C) and frequently overcast and raining.  I
never did lose an entire day to rain but I had several days in a row marred
by rain showers.


The first and last city I stayed at was Copenhagen.  I spent 4 days in
Copenhagen but really only 1 full day of sight-seeing and that day was a
Monday so everything was closed.  During most of my time in Copenhagen it
was overcast or raining so the city did not make a very good impression.

Nyhaven was nice and I was in Copenhagen during the Summer Jazz
festival which was interesting.  The canals were the next most interesting

My favourite city on the trip was Stockholm in Sweden.  I spent a total of 5
days in Stockholm wandering the Gamla Stan (old town), visiting nearby
islands and taking the ferry across the harbour.  The highlight was seeing
the Vasa, the only 17th Century warship in existence.  It was housed in the
huge, dark Vasamuseum.  I spent many hours in the museum.

While in Stockholm I went on a day-trip via a steamer to Drottningholm
Palace home of the Swedish Royal Family.  The only Royal residence in the
world where you can tour the Royal apartments while the Royals are at
home.  I took a guided tour of the Royal Apartments and the nearby
Drottningholm Slottsteater an 18th century theatre.

The next stop was Finland and specifically Helsinki.  Originally I had
planned to take the ferry to Helsinki but I ended up booking a flight with
Scandinavian airlines to Helsinki and return.  Helsinki was not full of
attractions other than the harbour and 2 churches but it was a good jump
off point for other sites and I stayed for 4 days.  I spent one day at the Sea
Fortress on an Island just outside Helsinki Harbour, one day in Turku and
1 day in Tallinn.  Only about half a day exploring Helsinki.

From Helsinki I took a Nordic Jet ferry across the Baltic to Tallinn in
Estonia where I stayed for half a day taking in the Medieval walls and
well-preserved Medieval Town square.  The tourist shops in Tallinn are not
up to Western European standards (it seemed that every shop sold the
same stock) but it was an interesting town.  Some of the Medieval sites were
wrecked by the Soviet occupation.

A short train ride northwest of Helsinki was Turku.  I came to see Turku
castle but left more interested in the tall ships at anchor outside the
Forum Marinum.

On the last day I took a train from Copenhagen to Helsingor to see the town
and the castle made famous as the location for Hamlet by Shakespeare.  
Helsingor sits at the narrowest point of the Sound between Sweden and
Denmark and was an important Toll collection point.
Stockholm's striking City Hall looks over the harbour.
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