Since Cesme was easily
accessible from Izmir I decided
to visit. The main (only)
attraction was the Castle.
The courtyard of Cesme Castle.
The origin of the castle is unclear.
Certainly portions were built by
the Genoese (15th Century).
This odd feature in the courtyard
of the castle seems to be an
amphitheatre of some sort.
Rooftop view of Cesme from the
roof of the Cesme Castle tower.
Cesme harbour and the Aegean
as viewed from Cesme Castle.
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A curious looking house near the
Castle battlements. The Castle is
built on the side of a slope and
the walls are not tall.
What appears to be an old
building under renovation.
The battlements of Cesme castle.
The tower is for a Mosque added
to the castle.
Me standing on the clearly
restored battlements of the Castle.
There is a sort of desert garden
planted in the fore courtyard of
the Castle.
The Castle is also a Mosque with
a large collection of old
An olive oil mill.  Not that old it
dates from the 20th century.
The steps leading into the upper
courtyard of the castle.
Standing next to a canon pulled
from the sea in the Castle
courtyard. The canon was likely
from the Naval battle of Chesma.
A small museum located in the
Genoveze tower of the castle.
A canon from the Sv. Evstafii the
Russian flagship ship of the line
which sank at the Battle of
The battlements and canon on
top of the Genoveze tower of the
One of the towers of the castle.
An Ottoman sword in the
museum in the castle.
Between the gatehouse and the
first courtyard wall of the castle.
A statue of Admiral Cezayirli Gazi
Hasan Pasa (1714-1790) a commander
who survived the Turkish Naval defeat
at Chesma. He domesticated a lion
while a Barbary pirate.
Kaplan Giray Khan (1680-1737)
the Khan of Crimea. The Giray's
were considered second only to
the Ottoman Emperor.
The Aegean Sea and Cesme
Harbour. A sea side tourist resort
town so there are a number of
restaurants and hotels along the
Cesme Castle from the harbour.
An attempt to get the entire castle
in a photo.
Breakwater near the harbour
Someone going for a swim in the
It was hard to get a photo of
Cesme Castle from outside as the
town has grown up to its walls.
The round tower is the Genoveze
A clever mural paint on a
retaining wall along a highway
passing near Cesme.